NZ suck it up, the better team won

Lions 2Rugby Union - New Zealand All Blacks v British and Irish Lions - Lions Tour

Congratulations to the Lions on winning the second test and deservedly so.

Yes, they might have freaked out for about 30 minutes, where they were very ill disciplined and made a lot of mistakes but when the pressure was on, they came to play.

One thing New Zealand fans need to learn is to accept the better team won. We need to look at ourselves rather than trying to find people to blame. Maybe we could look at the Lions fans for guidance. I know I shouldn’t be promoting drinking but instead of moaning and looking like sore losers, we could copy the Lions fans. When their team loses they just go to the pub and have a drink. They forget about the match and just have a few laughs with their mates. I know one of the reasons the All Blacks are so good is the country doesn’t accept losing but we need to find the balance.

I have been scrolling through my Facebook and looking at comments about the second test and I find it incredible. All I see is, the ref was horrible, images of when the Lions were offside once in the game and Lions players should have been sent off.

Why can’t we just say the better won? When the pressure went on and the Lions were down by nine, they started to run the ball. They showed x-factor to their attack and variations. On attack, the Lions played out the back a lot, spreading it through the hands. They then mixed it up and played short, which created opportunities, particularly in the led up to Connor Murray’s try. The combination of Sexton and Farrell worked really well. They organised their attack really well. They brought ball runners onto the ball and took it to the line, which kept the All Blacks defense guessing.

In contrast, the All Blacks played pretty negatively. Apart from off the back of set pieces where they used Laumape they never used the ball. All they did was kick. I know this was down to them having 14 players but I thought they should have held the ball more and used the backs. We selected a very attacking team, we took off Jerome Kaino for Laumpape and all we did is kick.

All Blacks fans let this one go. The better team won on the day. Let’s not moan and be sore losers. We just have to admit, the better team won. They were the team that wanted to play the more attacking rugby and if we’re honest the team that wanted it more. What a week we are in for. The third test should be a cracker.

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