800 wins for LR greatest Coach

SB Final 3

It’s not everyday you reach 800 career wins for Lenoir-Rhyne but that’s what softball coach, Shena Hollar will hopefully do this semester.

Coach Hollar has been a tremendous part of Lenoir-Rhyne and the softball community ever since she came to us from Newberry in 1999.

When Coach Hollar looks back on her time at LR it brings back good memories.

“It’s been 20 years, which is a long time doing it. I’ve had some really good teams come through and when you win 30 to 40 games a year they start to add up,” LR’s very modest and quietly spoken Softball Coach said.

Under Hollar’s guidance, the Bears have picked up 12 South Atlantic Conference Regular Season Championships and eight SAC tournament titles. And Hollar has coached six players to All-American honors and one Academic All-American.

She has picked up a lot of impressive accolades over the years. She’s a seven-time SAC coach of the year and she’s coached four Lenoir-Rhyne Sports Hall-of-Famers. Her biggest personal achievement came in 2015 when she was named to the Alexander County Sports Hall of Fame.

Her achievement is something that makes LR’s Athletic Director Kim Pate very proud.

“It’s about the 800 wins that all those student-athletes were a part of,” Pate said. “It’s about the experience and the opportunity to give them a high-level experience to compete at a high level and to learn to compete not only in sports but in life.”

Obviously, as a Coach, you want to have a positive impact on your players and see them improve. Assistant Coach, Sarah Hansley can attest to the improvement that Coach Hollar had on her as a player and as a person during her four years at LR.

“She’s had a crazy impact on me and has taught me things that my parents can’t teach me as this is real life,” Hansley said. “She’s really impacted me on a real personal level and on a softball level she made me a better player.”

The 800 career wins for LR is something that gives Hansley a lot of motivation and pride.

“I think it’s phenomenal and it makes me think wow, I could do that one day and to be a part of her 800th win I think it just means wow,” Hansley said. “As a player, I helped her achieve those wins and now as a coach, I’m learning to teach others how to achieve those wins.”

You can catch the LR Softball team in action throughout all of April as Coach Hollar tries to bring home her 13th SAC Championship.


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